Hi! My name is Emett Santucci, welcome to my site!

I am a Mechanical Engineering student currently at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon. I have a passion for aesthetics and product design and spend a lot of my "free time" thinking about mechanical systems and cool new ways to use them. I love creating 3D models and building prototypes of all varieties. I work with wood and metal while my 3D printer does all of the hard work. This is a collection of personal projects, interesting homework problems, and some work I've done for the UP Robotics Team.

When I'm not doing homework I love to spend time outside whether its skiing, mountain biking, mountain climbing, or just enjoying some fresh PNW air. 

Thanks for checking my stuff out!

Emett W. Santucci

Contact me:
Email - santucci19@up.edu

Telephone - (541) 409 - 0349